Finalist ‘Rising Star’ Award, Better Business Awards 2019

Finalist Rising Star Better Business Award

Finalist ‘Rising Star’ Award, Better Business Awards 2018


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$75 million in Home Loan Sales – February 2019

$50 million in Home Loan Sales – November 2017


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2018 -Nominated 40under40 Awards recognising and celebrating Western Australia’s 40 leading business entrepreneurs under the age of 40.


“Sarah turned the experience of buying our first home from a scary, intimidating, uncertain experience into an exciting, empowering sound financial investment. When we first started looking I had very little idea of what I was doing when it came to buying a house and getting the necessary funds. Sarah came to our house, explained the process, understood what we wanted and got the loan and rate that we needed. She was available after hours, which really helped given my work schedule and was in contact whenever we needed. I would highly recommend Sarah as not only someone who can get you a great rate and mortgage, but someone who cares about ensuring you understand how your loan will work and that it is right for you.

I’m looking forward to her continued excellent advice and support for many years to come.” – Andrew Brewin, GP


“Sarah is one of a kind. Her service is completely personalised from the beginning, and she takes into account your current situation, as well as the potential future and how this can impact setting up your loan. We were amazed at how remarkable she was with securing our home loan at an excellent rate; and throughout the process she was always available and checking in, and smoothed over any potential glitches before we had even noticed them. The best thing about Sarah is that her input extends beyond just setting up a mortgage, and we feel completely able to call on her for help even months or years down the line. We have already recommended Sarah to many of our friends and colleagues.” – Katie Brewin, GP


“We have been so impressed with Sarah’s service. Our process started over a year ago and she never shied away from the obstacles that presented themselves along the way. We ended up with some amazing windfalls and we are both very grateful for Sarah’s expertise and professionalism. We would highly recommend On Point for all your financial needs.” – Jessica Kohlhagen


“We are so thrilled with the quality and level of service we received from On Point Finance! Sarah worked with us right from the start – from building our deposit to buying our first home and continues to offer us an exceptional service! She has gone above and beyond for us and we couldn’t recommend her more highly.” – Caroline Ostrowski


“Would highly recommend using Sarah if you are looking to get finance or change your current situation. She was a mine of knowledge, we found her invaluable. Wish we had spoken to her from the beginning. Also she was always eager to explain everything and make sure you were armed with the knowledge to make an informed decision. I liked that.” – Jo Morgan